About us

EHE Apparel is a contemporary fashion house based in Budapest, Hungary, established in 2019. With a core value of creating timeless, long-lasting products from high-quality textiles, EHE Apparel is committed to offering a sustainable approach to fashion. Our brand is founded on the belief that fashion should be both beautiful, ethical, and sustainable. Our products are designed with a timeless aesthetic in mind, ensuring that they remain relevant and stylish for years to come. We use only the highest quality materials and textiles to create our garments, ensuring that they not only look and feel luxurious but are also durable and long-lasting. Our garments are designed to be cherished for years, not just a season. We work with local artisans, ensuring that we reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. EHE Apparel is more than just a brand - it's a lifestyle. Our products embody a sense of timeless style and conscious consumerism.